“Years passed and man in keeping with the design of life gradually took on more adore new faculties: the awareness of music, awareness of color, the awareness of environment, etc. It seems that first one person would come Ito awareness of a new faculty, then a few more people would come unto it, then gradually the members of the people with this new faculty would compound upon itself until it was common to the majority of mankind and became accepted in their search for understanding. We came into a faculty of cosmic awareness and as time goes on more and ore people came into this awareness and their primary motive for being was recognition of the distorted path that man was treading and they tried to bring back right direction, in other words an awareness of this universal intelligence and how simple life can be if only people would look within and let their innate doth the works.” —B.J. Palmer, DC

In Today’s TIC, we’re going to grow in our understanding of the question often asked-can regular chiropractic adjustments loosen your spine?

There is misconception about regular chiropractic adjustments loosening the spine and it can be addressed if we focus on the purpose of the chiropractic adjustment.

Listen in to today’s episode as we discuss this common myth about chiropractic.

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