Meet Trent Scheidecker, DC

Empowering Chiropractors.

How it All Began

Trent was in high school and was introduced to a chiropractor when he was an active athlete in football and noticed the tremendous impact in his quality of life and performance on the field, off the field, school, you name it. He utilized regular chiropractic care at a young age and it was really a no brainer when I went off to college and he looked back on what had the greatest impact in my life. So, that when Trent could finish up school and get into a profession, he could feel passionate about it and have a purpose. So he jumped into chiropractic and the rest is history.

Starting in Practice

On starting in the profession after graduation, Trent says, “I believe that you really have three options as a chiropractor. #1, you can associate and work for someone. #2, you can open up your own business on your own and learn the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and what it’s like to be in the healthcare world. #3, you can franchise and you can work within an industry that allows you to own your own business but not necessarily go through as many as the ups and downs because you’re working with the system.

I chose #2 when I opened, I opened up my own business from scratch by myself and it was an eye opener on how tough business really is and still is.

It wasn’t long before I encountered the opportunity to practice with another colleague and we decided to open up more than one business location. So, I found a franchise company and from there we’ve grown to eight locations here in Minnesota. Each location is individually owned by the Chiropractor and for the chiropractor. We are working together so that we can help more students out of school open up their own business and not not go through as many of the ups and downs when you’re by yourself.”

On the Learning Process

“You don’t know what you don’t know and so you don’t even know what questions to ask cause you don’t even know.”

A fair description would be, you’re almost naive to all that really needs to be known. So the biggest challenge I had was taken my bulldog mentality of jumping into situations and learning through failure, which there’s nothing wrong with because every major success story has a journey of a hero who encountered all the obstacles that many think would put him down, but he just kept getting back up and up. I don’t mind learning the hard way, but fast forward nine years now that I’ve been in practice and I value my network of connections, my mentors, my consultants and my attorneys.

I value all the people that I’ve created a network with and through to provide the answers for me that I don’t have or may not have as good of an answer because it’s just not my scope of field. When I opened up, “I’m going to learn it all and I’m going to do it all and I’m gonna figure this out,” and now I realize I have a few passions that I enjoy and I really want to just focus in on those few passions. I don’t need to have 10 different passions because then I’m spreading myself thin. 

It’s like Henry Ford said, “I don’t have to know everything. I just have to press a button and that button will bring in a person that does know the answer to the question that I need to figure out.”


"The potential for optimal wellbeing is within you - remove the interference to the expression of it."

- Trent Scheidecker, DC

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