In Today’s TIC, we’re going to grow in our understanding on why stress can be good for your well-being.

“The Above-Down-Inside-Out mentality is of major importance to patient care. Chiropractically, you recognize that your body strives toward maintaining proper coordination of this vital action. The cause of health comes from inside the patient. The medical mentality functions to combat disease from outside the body and seek to force normality upon the patient. This view is known as Ouside-In-Below-Up. From this viewpoint, the cure of disease is the focus and it is derived from outside the body. The obvious examples include drugs, surgery and therapy. Chiropractically you must think health first, not disease. Medically you ‘get’ a disease. Chiropractically you loose health. There is a far greater difference between these two viewpoints than mere course of action. The difference lies in the philosophic base of these two separate and distinct professions. There is no ability to act for the interest of a patient until there is first a guiding dictum of principles o health and incoordination on which to base those actions.”  —Simon Sinnot, DC DPhCS

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