“The living body, like all other matter, is composed of atoms and molecules and is therefore a storage-house for potential energy. It is also a vast laboratory wherein chemical reactions are constantly taking place which convert potential energy into kinetic energy. The body is, in fact, a sub source of kinetic energy. It takes in potential energy in the form of food and converts it to kinetic energy by physiological chemistry.” —Reggie Gold, DC

In Today’s TIC, we’re going to grow in our understanding on a principle that becomes a bridge to your wellbeing.

Raising our quality of function is always a matter of how much harmony is within us. Harmony and balance is a chemical orchestra within us-common term for this harmony is homeostasis. Our internal biochemistry harmony directly impacts all levels of your human physiology, performance and quality of life. Within every thought, action or reaction comes with an intricate balance of chemical production to create a symphony of physiological effects.

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