“Our body is like a large bucket, a health and life container, if you will. Health is like the contents of the bucket. By eating properly, getting the proper rest, exercising regularly, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and attending to the other health-promoting measures, we are adding to the contents of the bucket. Reduce any one fo them and you diminish the level of health. They all add to the level. No single one of them assures health. But together they combine to fill our body (the bucket) with health.” —Joe Strauss, DC

In Today’s TIC, we’re going to grow in our understanding of wellbeing and health through a ChiropracTIC Analogy.

Imagine your body like a bucket of water and the contents that make up health or vitality being the water that fills the bucket up. When the bucket is full of water, wellbeing is flourishing due to a biochemical balance of the chemicals and physiological processes that make up our quality of life.

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