“There is a natural progression of thought concerning the interrelationship of intelligence and matter. You see the limitations of your perceptive abilities as regards such daunting questions of all existence things material. You have never actually seen the hydrogen atom with its single electron in orbit, but recognize its orderly existence. Without the presence of matter it would be impossible for intelligence to be noticeably expressed. The physical properties afford our educated study of order. If this union between intelligence and matter ceased to exist, the matter itself would cease to exist. You can therefore deduce formally that life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter (Principle #3). -Rob Sinnott, DC 

Rob Sinnot is a noted Chiropractic speaker in the areas of Chiropractic philosophy, neurology, and practice and has authored numerous works in those subjects. That quote was from his Textbook of Chiropractic Philosophy.

In Today’s TIC, we’re going to grow in our understanding on Principle 3 of the Chiropractic 33 Principles. Principle No. 3 “The Union of Intelligence and Matter.” Life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter.

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