D.D. Palmer wrote the following in 1904 Journal titled The Chiropractor: “In my practice of the first ten years, under which named magnetic, I treated nerves, followed and relieved them of inflammation. I made many good cures, as many are doing today under a similar method. My constant thoughts were, that there was a difference in the person affected and the one not so. I was fully aware that I was treating effects. What was the cause of those ailments, was what I desired to learn. I had progressed far enough to learn in what region the cause of any described symptoms were. There must be a turning point. It was so with Chiropractic. But it took years to discover and develop that which I named Chiropractic, which means hand fixing. A Chiropractor is one who adjusts or repairs with his hands. Ninety-five percent of all deranged nerves are made by subluxation of vertebrae which pinch nerves in some one of the 51 joint articulations of the spinal column. Therefore, to relieve the pressure upon these nerves means to restore normal action-hence, normal functions, perfect health.”

In Today’s TIC, we’re going to grow in our understanding on the history of Vertebral Subluxation

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