“Nerve functions are of an electrical character, and where you interfere with the proportions of ingredients in any chemical composition, you change the nature of the whole. For instance, the comparison of manufacturing vinegar. Say, for instance, we had citric acid and wished to make vinegar. We would have 100 percent of acid and 100 percent of water combined, and we would have a dilution which we would call. “vinegar;” but if we put in but 50 percent of water, then we would have a different solution altogether, stronger and more active. It takes 100 per cent of one function added to 100 per cent of another to produce a certain effect in any tissue cell.” -B.J. Palmer from Volume 2 1920 The Science of Chiropractic 

In Today’s TIC, we’re going to grow in our understanding on How Chiropractic Can Promote Overall Well-Being through the lens of holism.

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